Our Values

Relationships Come First!

Our company is founded on the idea that people come before profits. Working with us, you’ll see immediately that we believe that understanding YOUR goals helps us to achieve ours.

Work ethic matters.

We won’t leave your home a mess. Movers are notorious for not respecting the homes of the homeowners they work for. With Scrap-It!, you’ll discover that we respect your home and the fact that you need to live in it, even or sell it.  We treat it as if we were at our grandma’s house.

Upfront honesty.

The fact is that projects change. We’ll be clear up front on what you’re “getting” for “how much.” If you change the things you want to do, we’ll let you know how the price changes. No surprises.

Stripe Climate Change Member

At Scrap-It! Junk Removal, we contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal

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